Thursday, September 8, 2011

Me, Theist, Atheist. Human.

why don't people understand who I a'm, for one, I'm a good person, I'l go out of my way to help to to make someones life a little better if I can, I don't want a war between believers and non-believers, I wan't peace, instead of fighting one another we need to talk,  why or why not we believe, Theist, we know you think where going to hell, why? Im a good person and alot of other people that are atheist are good and peaceful, The only difference we have is we don't believe in your god, you tread people with other gods ok or even good, where just like yous, We have feelings you know? where not the work of a devil, fighting is the wrong thing, set aside our beliefs, You get the same thing, a person with a beating heart, a caring, loving person, We feel pain, and bleed the same as you,
We cry, we care like yous. and the same for yous. We are all one: Human.
why must we let our beliefs or non-beliefs get in the way of friendship, the more important thing. who cares what one another believes, just as long as all of us are not hurting each other over it? put that aside, we are all humans, one creature. One might say where the work of a creator others say where the work of Evolution, who realy cares, I don't I believe what I wan't has the same for yous. We should all be able to talk freely about our religion are non-religion views, and not be slammed just because we all have a diffrerent idea on things. War should never be the option, only resonable talking and idea sharing, with tolerence for one another, and excepe we have different views on on another, Most theist think Athest are going to hell and most atheist well understand where the theist is coming from, because yes at one time most of us where to a thiest. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Downstairs or upstairs?

In Escher's Famous optical illusion of never-ending staircases, there is no answer. I believe that the answer is nether, I think that it is flat, not going up or down, because of the farther away stairs (Back) are not going up or down, you can see it when you look closely at them and block the other 3 sides out, and only look at the top of them. and if you look at the first front 3 stairs on the left side, and the 3 stairs on the right side, the last 3rd step on the left and the first back step on the right are on the same level to each other. and being that the back stairs are flat and the first back stair on the right is on the same back stairs, witch would make them all flat. If you have you own thought on it or comment please do so. It is hard putting in words so may be confusing to understand what I'm saying with it.

Thinking With G. Myers

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